Box1 About GROW
Our efforts around creating the stewards of tomorrow workplace will not only prioritize recruiting, training, and mentoring a new generation of diverse individuals, but will also teach the value of social responsibility. Working with our partners in the Facilities Industry…learn more
Box2 Who We Serve
AT GROW Organization mentor relationships will be fundamental to the organization’s purpose. Like the Built Environments we have overseen throughout the course of our careers, we are building GROW and the communities we help with a studied foundation for long term success…learn more
Box3 Scholarships
As GROW builds funding streams, we plan to offer scholarships to students and young FM professionals from diverse backgrounds to IFMA, AFE and BOMA educational programs.  And we are committed to supporting scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students  ….learn more 
Box4 49ers Academy
In Partnership with the Community Outreach Committee of IFMA Silicon Valley, GROW is helping to create a Digital and Performing Arts Collective (DPAC) at the Costano School and 49er Academy in East Palo Alto. The plan is to build out the gym stage area into a…learn more